All is Fair in Love and Wine

I began my love affair with wine about 10 years ago. Sure, I had quite a few false starts, gave up on being adventurous and returned to a good ole stand-by called Strawberry Fields. Yet….a chance trip to Napa Valley, California would change everything. I returned from the sunny west coast to Oklahoma with two new loves……my hot boyfriend (now my husband) and wine!  So what’s to love about wine?


Take a Trip

Uncork a bottle of vino, and transport yourself to a different country, time and space. Wine is a bit of history, tradition and geography bottled up. Grapes reveal their distinct location, or “terroir” via flavor characteristics due to climate, soil, terrain and tradition. 

*Experience terroir [tare-WAHr]-compare wines from warm and cold climates


Awaken your senses

During the wine making process, grape juice goes through a variety of chemical changes, which produce a multitude of aromas and flavors. Similar to those same profiles found in food, there are literally hundreds to smell, taste and savor.  Pick up a bit of honeyed melon, crunchy granite, saline, ripe red berries, leather, cola or dark chocolate? When you learn how to taste, you not only improve your ability to identify wine, but it improves your ability to taste overall.

*Experience wine tasting- Look, smell, taste and think


Variety, Variety, Variety

In the world of wine, you could try a different bottle a day and have enough options to last a lifetime. If you find the task of selecting a bottle of wine at a liquor store a bit daunting, visit your local winery or go on a winery tour. Ask the winemaker questions, and give feedback. As a winemaker and wine-lover, my favorite wine might not be yours and vice versa…..but that’s the fun part, discovering the wine that leaves your taste buds humming.

*Experience something new- Try a Cab Franc, Pinot Noir Blanc or a Vermentino


Wine for any occasion

I pair wine with my favorite foods, special occasions or simply because I am watching the Game of Thrones or OKC basketball.  Wine is fitting for any occasion, to sip, savor and appreciate.

Cheers to love and wine.

*Experience- Valentines on your mind? Visit Waters Edge Winery for a custom bottle, wine and chocolate pairing or to experience the wine making process first hand.


Please enjoy wine responsibly, be smart, and stay safe. 

Waters Edge Winery Valentines Day

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08 Jan 2018

By Sarah Edwards